GLDN Black Women Connect Sessions (BWCs) provide black women with an opportunity to connect and reflect.  Based in Brixton, these sessions take place on the last Saturday of each month.

These discussion-led sessions are based on the 60s concepts, self-consciousness raising groups (CRG) – designed to provoke self-exploration as well as community networking. Through group discussion and the occasional activity, we begin to identify common themes that positively and negatively impact the black female community and seek to explore them. These sessions are heavily purpose and goals based – providing a space for black women to share their purpose, dreams and ambitions,  set goals together whilst supporting one another’s growth.

Most importantly, however, GLDN sessions seeks to nurture a space for friendship, love and support within the community whilst always adhering to our cause:

 to inspire black women to reach their goals and pursue their passion.

CLICK HERE to sign up to our next GLDN BWCs Session on:  Saturday 29th February

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