Founder and Organiser of GLDN

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My name is Shereen. I am a former Italian and Classics Student and currently work in the Heritage Industry, in the Learning & Engagement Department. Alongside this, I blog and occasionally like to create – art, photography and … purpose groups! I founded GLDN in December of 2016. The group was born out of a variety things but mainly my passion and desire to support my fellow friends and colleagues in taking the risk to pursue their purpose and many amazing talents. Ever since, the group has continued to organically grow and flourish into what it is now – a multi-faceted platform to inspire black women to pursue their purpose and reach their goals.

Youth Committee, Chair

My name is Francesca. Upon finishing my A-levels I completed an apprenticeship as opposed to going to university and have now started my career in Human Resources. I also help to educate students about alternatives to university and have a passion for working with young people and supporting them to reach their full potential. Hence I couldn’t resist being involved as a member of in GLDN Youth committee board. Although we have testimonies from the students we have worked with, I see myself as a testimony of how impactful GLDN can be just from seeing the actions I have taken to make my ambitions a reality. I can confidently say that the growth of GLDN is a result of the growth of its members.