Hi there,

My name is Shereen and I am the creator of GLDN, a museum professional and blogger. I started GLDN because I needed such a space and I knew many other black women would benefit from it too. The original idea was born from a range of things: 1) A women’s personal development course I was foretunate enough to go to at university and absolutely loved. Having such isolated moments to explore and discuss who I was, what defined me and be honest about my future aspirations with a range of women I had never previously met was so revealing and enriching and I was desperate to experience more similar moments with my female community. 2) Like myself, I knew so many women who were full of ideas and visions but shied away from pursuing them as they had little self belief and collaborative support. I hoped GLDN would fuel this need. 3) Also, i acknowledged that black women very seldom have a space to chill and share with another (as far as I knew anyway). This is often fuelled by the constant rhetoric that women, and especially black women, don’t support one another – this wasn’t true and I hoped that GLDN would show that.

Tell us about your GLDN journey so far

Since then, GLDN’s journey has organically grown more than I could ever imagine and consequently, so has my personal journey. I officially started GLDN in December 2016 in the form of a focus group session with close friends and colleagues and now, it has become a space not only for black women to reach their goals and pursue their purpose but for young people through our bespoke school session & for the wider community through GLDN presentations and speeches. This is has been my GLDN journey so far and although it has reaped many blessings and successes, it’s also proven struggles and trips along the way

Tell us about your purpose, passion and brand?

For me, GLDN is my purpose, passion and brand – to continue to help black women to reach their goals and pursue their purpose as I learn to do the same on my own personal journey. Purpose is a funny thing. When confidently pursued, it reaps more than you can ever imagine – honestly! But at times, that pursuit can seem a harder journey than it should be. That journey to me is what purpose is and what GLDN has shown me – there will be trips along the way but it’s important to continue and never give up on pursuing your purpose as the rewards for hundreds of people who interact with GLDN are worth all those trips and much more.

What would your GLDN piece of advice be?

So yes, I guess my GLDN advice would simply be to pursue your purpose, whatever you think that might be – an idea that excites you, inspires you, an idea that just won’t leave you alone. Don’t fear it, don’t run from it – pursue it! And if you need someone to along the way, contact GLDN on our contact page. You can do it!

Shereen xxx

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