I’m Chanel Afflick-Ellington, a 23 year old fun loving GLDN girl. I am currently un-employed, however I’m a freelance Makeup Artist and also a Human Resources Management Graduate. At first I had actually studied Law at Coventry University, but after a year on the course I realised it wasn’t for me and decided to go with my instinct and take up HR Management at the University of Northampton. It has now been 2 years since I graduated and it’s been one of my greatest achievements to date.

From my graduation day up to now I have had made so many changes in terms of my mind-set as well as my path in life; and in fact GLDN has made it all possible as it’s enabled me to see my full potential which is something I’ve always struggled with. I wasn’t the highest achiever at School or College which did have an effect on me, but it wasn’t until I reached this age that I realised everyone has potential to be great and I started to realise that in myself. In doing so I realised that I had a natural talent and flair for makeup, and that it would be possible to make something out of that. Since realising that I have been able to use it as a source of income and really grow a different kind of passion for makeup artistry.

I have been through a lot of ups and downs in the last few years, but now I feel as though I have now found the path which God has created for me, and I’m walking with my head up high down the GLDN path.

Tell us about your GLDN journey so far

How I would describe GLDN is a blessing in disguise. I have always enjoyed being around empowering, wonderful and beautiful women whether that be at an event or just in the family etc, but this space that has been created for us by the founder; Shereen Christina Hunte, is just so different to anything I have experienced. It gives a more personal environment to really express feelings, thoughts and emotions; whilst also gaining understanding on a variety of things we are either afraid of talking about so casually or don’t usually think about but really should.

I have met a range of females in GLDN who have different goals and passions, all of which we as a collective have been able to help one another see ways to achieve what we are looking to achieve, and also feel confident in ourselves. My favourite exercise to date was writing a future letter to myself which is a brilliant idea as whatever place I’ll be in years down the line I’ll be able to look back and lift myself up with the words I wrote to myself.

In the first ever session I attended I was in a down and unsure place in my life, but then with each session I attended and the more encouragement I received from all the lovely ladies within the group, I can now say I have reached most of my goals and I am in a more confident place in my life. Overall I’m just so happy with the progression I have made, and to also have the opportunity to attend GLDN youth sessions and present and inspire children in a position I used to be in. I also know there is a lot more to come from this empowering group.

Tell us about your purpose, passion and brand?

As mentioned before I am a Makeup Artist who specializes in Glamour, Editorial and Natural looks. I have been doing makeup professionally for coming up to a year. I would say what really sparked my interest and abilities would be the compliments of my makeup that I would receive on nights out and from images I would post online, but I would just have that in the back of my mind. Then it wasn’t until I attended my first GLDN session and was asked about my goals, of which I mentioned “makeup” that it all began. At the time I was very unsure, but it was just something on my heart and had this massive lightbulb to just go for it. On top of that all the girls were very encouraging and just really believed in my purpose and passion based on myself and the visible skills I had. So from then it was go, I wrote down simple and achievable goals and stuck to them. I created a professional makeup page on Instagram and started to upload makeup looks, I did a Makeup Course a month later and also invested money in a makeup kit. Throughout that time my skills have improved even more and I have created a clientele for myself. There is still so much to do and progress in, but with perseverance and practice I know I’ll get there.  
There is just so much more to makeup than the actual ascetics of it. For me, it’s about making each woman that sits in my makeup chair feel their best inside as well as outside. I really enjoy seeing the confidence as well as happiness spill out of the eyes when they smile at me and say thank you, and smile in the mirror in amazement; it’s just SO priceless. It’s an experience for them and that is what my brand is about, and will always be about.

I have many more goals set in place for the near future as there’s always room for growth, but also so my dreams can eventually come true. You can see my portfolio on Instagram which is @chanelellingtonmua and also e-mail me at chanelellingtonmua@gmail.com for any makeup enquiries, or even if you’d like some advice whether that be makeup related or about my journey.

 What would your GLDN piece of advice be?

My GLDN advice for all you lovely ladies would be to really believe in yourself. Everyone has a purpose in life and it’s about finding your true self and following your heart no matter what obstacles and challenges you are faced with, as by following your heart you’re following your destiny and being true to yourself. There is only one of you in this world which makes you special in your own right, so don’t worry about what other people may think or say, do you girlies!

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